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Hey , My husband and I brought our sweet Bailey into the family February 2020. He wasn't sure about having a chihuahua in the family since he has always heard that they were nervous, shaking, barking dogs. Bailey has been with us for almost a years now. She is without a doubt the best dog that we have ever met. She is calm, loving, and so friendly! We have had so many people compliment us on her temperament and how cute she is. We are so thankful that we found you. We always tell people that if we ever get another dog, it would be from you!

Maria Garcia (San Diego)

Hello ! My husband and I purchased an adorable puppy from you last Halloween and are interesting in getting another puppy so that our little Cinnamon can have a sister. We prefer a puppy who is playful and enjoys cuddles. We absolutely love the puppy we purchased from you last year and are excited to add to our little family. I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks

Maria Hernandez (Cancún, Mexican)

Hey , I just wanted to drop by to let you know what a joy it has been to have our little Ella as part of the family now they are making greats friends without puppies just like her. She has certainly added smiles and giggles to this house. We couldn't be happier. Thank you for making the process of getting her so easy. Everything was smooth from start to finish and I am happy to recommend you to anyone!


Dear friend I bought a lovely puppies from Gary, we are soo happy and satisfied, they absolutely beautiful, very healthy and energetic, we are just in love with them, Astonishing poodles is a pleasure to deal with, they made the transaction so much easier and made sure that they arrived save and on time. Thank you soo much for making our Christmas so special and for them, they brings so much happiness to our lives.

Thank you, Margare t(Kansas)

My mommy and daddy couldn't believe how tiny I was when I came home, I'm six pounds now and would rather play all day then cuddle, I got spayed last month and ate and played right away. My sister loves legos and I don't mess with her toys, just leaves, if only my mommy wouldn't chase me and I could eat them! Just wanted to send you an update! Can't believe she's already 6 months old. Kira loves the tree and wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!


Picture ​Good morning. Quick note to let you know Jude and Nelly are adjusting well. The girls love them but they seems to be the spark my husband needed to help they get through this round of chemo. they are laughing again and Jude's bed has become Nelly's lap. Jude's energy mimics that of our recently lost Isobel. All around, they has been a great decision for us.


Picture Hi ! I just went and picked up Jolie! They are doing fantastic! they have already pottied outside, eaten, drank, and are now playing like a tornado with my other dogs who already love them! they a doll!. She wasn't even nervous or scared when I picked or carry them up, and the two gentlemen were very sweet with them. they immediately gave me kisses and seems very happy. I love her! Thank you so much for my wonderful new babies! I'm sure I will be getting another baby off of you in the future, and will refer people to you who are looking for a quality puppy. Thanks again! I'll send pics and keep you informed. Thanks again!


We found the perfect Teacup Poodle puppy for Christmas at Astonishing poodles home Kennel. We had doubts about shipping the puppy being shipped in the first place but when we received a call that the puppy has arrived Auckland airport and that we should come for pickup, we couldn't be believe. What a dream coming through for our family. He is very playful, healthy and our sons love him to death. Clayton's poodle is very knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to answer ALL questions before, during and after the sale of their puppies. I would recommend ANYONE wanting to get a GREAT quality puppy to buy from him

Kelly McCartney ( New Zealand)

Hello, Gary, I just wanted to write and let you know how Katia is doing. She is the best behaved pup that I have ever had. It is obvious that you did a great job with her in her developmental weeks and I am benefiting from your work. She is a true joy and I am more grateful to you than I can say. Your work and your breeding standards really show in the dogs that you produce. Thank you again, your kennel is a credit to the wonderful Poodle breed.

Patricial Young. Singapore

I found Gary Clayton’s website two years ago when I was looking for a Teacup Poodle. It was important to me that I was dealing with a reputable breeder so I had been searching for months. Finding Gary's was a blessing! I was very pleased to see how he treated his pups like family. I could tell he was checking me out to see what kind of parent I would be as much as I was assessing the situation around me. I could not have been happier with the results. My husband and I ended up with a beautiful red teacup poodle that we named Little Lily, after his mom! She is healthy and her temperament is so sweet. Gary has always welcomed questions and has offered his assistance even years after we adopted our pup. We have been considering an addition to our family and I will not go to any other breeder except for Gary! I recommend him to everyone that asks me about our Teacup Poodle. I was lucky to find such a wonderful Pap and such a good breeder!

Anne Green(Toronto, Ontario)

Gary, I just wanted to say thank you for everything! You have been the most kind, helpful and understanding breeder, I have ever met. I can’t wait to see Flint and I will do my best in taking care of him. I had my doubts in buying a puppy online and sending you the wire transfer, but everything went so well. Thanks again! I will try to send you updated pictures of him from time to time.

Nestor Nestor (British Columbia, Canada)

I can’t say enough nice things about Gary. We bought our male Teacup Poodle two years ago and he was potty trained and crate trained. He has been our shining light since day one and Gary and I have stayed in touched some. He is beautiful, totally healthy and a wonderful dog.We have had many dogs over the years, but never one like this. He is TOO smart and trains very easily. I would like to have at least 2 more, but hubby won’t agree, (yet).
Gary and his team are completely trustworthy and he will give you many tips. Gary is filled with ideas, is very knowledgeable and you can trust him. He will not tell you lies just to sell you one of his puppies. In fact , he is rather careful about who he sells to and has even turned people away that he thought would not be good parents to his babies. What a dream dog we got from him.

Rebecca Davis (East London UK)

Gary Clayton was a God sent to me. I had recently lost my beloved pet of 7 years ago and I was very upset until a friend mentioned that maybe I needed to replace my broken heart with an open one for a new beloved pet. So, I started looking for puppies and I came across Gary’s gallery of beautiful puppies and I fell in love. He was wonderful to work with and the result is that I have my Mark and he is soooooo loved and spoiled. He was the easiest puppy I ever had to house train and teach tricks to. He sits, lays & stays and if I am lucky he will speak when asked to. He is full of fun and play, not to mention that unconditional love he has. He gets along great with other dogs, since I am a grandmother of four other dogs they all play together and on occasion they sleep over. Mark has proven my husband wrong, who claims he was not a BIG dog lover. They have their own playtime everyday and my husband treats him as one of the children. What a life!!!! Again, I cannot say enough good about Gary. If you are in search of a good pet then she is the one you need to see.

Nicole Pendleton (Los Angeles)

I lost the little love of my life and it was just devastating. She had had many health issues from the first few months of her life until she was almost ten. With that said – I have been very skeptical of breeder’s tactics in producing healthy pups. It was very important to me that I find a breeder that was extremely careful in breeding properly to maintain maximum health within breeder’s dog lineage. Not only did I discover that Gary is adamant regarding health issues, proper breeding within proper stated lineages but his interaction with his pups and parents was remarkable. I was not only certain that I would get a healthy puppy physically but also just as certain that emotionally they were happy and balanced little creatures.
I went home with my “Jake”. He is the optimum in happiness. He makes sunshine for me everyday and he has been part of my life for six months now and is as healthy as he is happy. He is also a majority beautiful pup with the doll face going on for him. I am so thankful that Gary is a breeder that has much consciousness, care and concern regarding bringing happy, healthy and beautiful puppies into the world. With my last experience being so hard – I am so blessed – very blessed – that Gary takes such care and caution with so much love that I now have a very healthy pup…..and he is soooo CUTE! I ADORE HIM!!!!! We go everywhere. He’s my sunshine.

Randy Hoffman (Bronx,NY)

I just wanted to send you an update and photo about our beautiful, talented, amazing, smart, little one was renamed Chryl. Yes, I know I tend to go on and on but she is such and amazing companion. My husband and I had been married for 4 years and with no little ones in the house and two years ago we made the decision to welcome a Teacup Poodle into our lives. One day, I came across your web site and it was such a blessing to find you and our Campy. I highly recommend you and your services to anyone.

Mia Leslie (Oklahoma City, OK)

What a wonderful experience working with you has been in regards to our puppy. He was fine as soon as we picked him up at the airport and didn’t seem at all shy which was great. You did a great job socializing him. He was a little explorer as soon as we got him back to the house and has been a bundle of fun and energy ever since. He has a very sweet nature and is happily settled in. Hard to believe it has only been a week, we feel like we’ve had him forever! Your help and instruction to get him off to the right start have been invaluable. You really know what you are doing with your dogs. Thanks so much for all your help. He truly is beautiful and a joy to have in our family. His name is Cody and I think it suits him just right.

Katie Taylor (Dublin, Ireland)

Our Teacup poodle that we purchased from Gary is beautiful, smart, and healthy. I looked a long time before I found Gary and after talking to him I knew I had found the right breeder. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and patiently answered my many questions. She was also available to answer questions after we brought our puppy home. Our poodle has brought so much joy into our lives and we look forward to many happy, healthy years with our sweet pup.

Katja Rantamäki (Helsinki, Finland)

We've discussed finding the perfect puppy for our home and when we saw Gary poodles, we knew we found it! Gary sent updates on her and made every interaction with us personal, not like a business transaction. He drove all the way to us and even spent time with my girls for a few moments before leaving. He still checks in on us and our bundle of fluff, too! I'm so happy we got our Mia from him! Perfect health, perfect breeder, perfect experience!

Lisa Williams (Houston, Texas)

Absolutely the greatest experience we could have imagined. From the time we spotted our little guy online we immediately fell in love, Gary made the process incredibly simple from answering any questions we had to contacting multiple airlines to figure out how to safely ship our new member of the family all the way to Puerto Rico. We will be eternally grateful and when were ready to introduce a new member to the family we will definitely be going through Gary Again. Thanks so much for the priceless gift

Monica Ramos(Puerto Rico)

We have acquired two teacup Poodle puppies from Gary: Lena is 5 months old, acquired at 11 wks; Lola at 14 wks. Lena is a 4.5 lb female. She is the apple of our eye. Lola is about 3 lbs and also a female. Gary has been extremely faithful to his agreements with us, and continues to be available for advice in the breed, or any other questions. When the time comes for us to add to our “family”, we will not hesitate to ask Gary to provide his services, again. In our opinion, you have located good, conscientious breeder. Don’t lose him.

Martina(Sydney Australia)

We received our teacup poodle puppy two weeks ago. She is the most sweetest thing, loves to snuggle and we named her “Josey”! She was flown from USA to Philippines and it was an easy transaction! She fits right into our family..we love her!!

Marestella Valdez. San Juan, Philippines

I have had several Teacup Poodles in the past and ALWAYS communicate with the breeders online and calls, before I commit. It took 24 hours for our puppy to be shipped from the US to us here Sweden. Gary and the family provided us with all the info we needed to get our new lifetime companion. Do not hesitate to work with Gary and his team in finding your teacup poodle

Mats Waldner.,, Stockholm, Sweden

Picture Hi, just a note of IMMENSE THANKS! We continue to dearly love our sweet levi. Ever since he arrived Berlin 3 weeks ago, he has been an icon in our city and the kids around can't stop playing with him, such a friendly little guy. He has been a joy since day one and I believe that's because you did such a great job getting him started.. I continue to watch your site. I would love to get another puppy from you in 4 months time. Thanks again for enriching our life here! Sincerely,

Maria Drechsler(Berlin Germany)